NIS(8)                  NetBSD System Manager's Manual                  NIS(8)

     nis, yp -- description of the NIS (formerly YP) subsystem

     ypbind [-ypset]
     ypbind [-ypsetme]

     ypset [-h host] [-d domain] server

     yppoll [-h host] [-d domain] mapname

     ypcat [-kt] [-d domainname] mapname
     ypcat -x

     ypmatch [-kt] [-d domainname] key ... mapname
     ypmatch -x

     ypwhich [-d domain] [[-t] -m [mname] | host]
     ypwhich -x

     ypserv [-d] [-x]

     yppush [-d domainname] [-h hostname] [-v] mapname

     ypxfr [-bcf] [-d domain] [-h host] [-s domain] [-C tid prog ipadd port]

     ypinit -m [domainname]
     ypinit -s master_server [domainname]


     rpc.yppasswdd [-noshell] [-nogecos] [-nopw] [-m arg1 arg2 ...]

     The NIS subsystem allows network management of passwd and group file
     entries through the functions getpwent(3) and getgrent(3).  NIS also pro-
     vides hooks for other client programs, such as amd(8) and
     rpc.bootparamd(8), that can use NIS maps.

     Password maps in standard YP are insecure, because the pw_passwd field is
     accessible by any user. A common solution to this is to generate a secure
     map (using ``makedbm -s'') which can only be accessed by a client bound
     to a privileged port.  To activate the secure map, see the appropriate
     comment in /var/yp/Makefile.yp.

     The NIS subsystem is conditionally started in /etc/rc.  See the
     /etc/rc.conf file for configuration variables.

     domainname(1), ypcat(1), ypmatch(1), ypwhich(1), ypclnt(3), group(5),
     hosts_access(5), nsswitch.conf(5), passwd(5), rc.conf(5), rc(8),
     ypbind(8), ypinit(8), yppoll(8), yppush(8), ypserv(8), ypset(8),
     yptest(8), ypxfr(8)

     The NIS client subsystem was originally written by Theo de Raadt to be
     compatible with Sun's implementation.  The NIS server suite was origi-
     nally written by Mats O Jansson.

     If ypbind(8) cannot find a server, the system behaves the same way as
     Sun's code: it hangs.

     The `secure map' feature is not compatible with non-BSD implementations
     as found e.g. in Solaris.

NetBSD 8.1                     February 26, 2005                    NetBSD 8.1

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