XENNET(4)             NetBSD/xen Kernel Interfaces Manual            XENNET(4)

     xennet -- Xen frontend paravirtualized network interface

     xennet* at xenbus?

     The xennet interface forms the frontend part of the paravirtualized driv-
     ers used by Xen guest domains to have network connectivity.

     When the host domain is NetBSD, the endpoint of the xennet interface is a
     xvif(4) interface.  In the XenStore, xvif and xennet are identified by
     ``vif'' (virtual interface) entries.

     Conceptually, frontends and backends drivers are similar to two Ethernet
     cards connected via a crossover cable.

     xennet interfaces can pass VLAN tagged packets.

     xennet%d: can't read mac address, err %d  The MAC address for this inter-
     face could not be read from XenStore.

     xennet%d: %s is not a valid mac address  The MAC address specified in the
     configuration file of the newly created guest domain is invalid.

     xennet%d: using event channel %d  The Xen event channel (virtual inter-
     rupt) ID associated to this xennet.

     xennet%d: using RX copy mode  The xennet and its associated endpoint use
     copy mode for communication: packets are copied from one domain's memory
     to another.

     xennet%d: using RX flip mode  The xennet and its associated endpoint use
     flip mode for communication: packets are passed by remapping memory pages
     between domains.

     bridge(4), ifmedia(4), xenbus(4), xvif(4), ifconfig(8)

     The xennet driver first appeared in NetBSD 3.0.

     The xennet driver was written by Manuel Bouyer <bouyer@NetBSD.org> and
     Christian Limpach <chris@pin.lu>.

NetBSD 8.1                     November 20, 2015                    NetBSD 8.1

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