WSFONTLOAD(8)           NetBSD System Manager's Manual           WSFONTLOAD(8)

     wsfontload -- load a font bitmap into the wsfont pool or a wscons display

     wsfontload [-Bbv] [-e encoding] [-f wsdev] [-h height] [-N name]
                [-w width] [fontfile]

     The wsfontload utility loads a font bitmap into the wsfont font pool (or
     a wscons device if the device driver supports this).  The font gets
     assigned a name in this process which it can be referred to by later for
     use on a display screen.  The font is loaded from the specified fontfile,
     or from standard input if fontfile is not provided.

     The options are:

     -B           Specifies that the font data is ordered right-to-left byte
                  wise.  The default is left-to-right.

     -b           Specifies that the font data is ordered right-to-left bit
                  wise.  The default is left-to-right.

     -e encoding  Sets the encoding of the font.  This can be either a sym-
                  bolic abbreviation or a numeric value.  Currently recognized
                  abbreviations are:

                  `iso'    ISO-8859-1 encoding

                  `ibm'    IBM encoded fonts

                  `pcvt'   the custom encoding of the supplemental fonts which
                           came with the BSD ``pcvt'' console driver

                  `iso2'   ISO-8859-2 (east european) encoding

                  `iso7'   ISO-8859-7 (greek) encoding

                  `koi8r'  KOI8-R (russian) encoding
                  Per default, `iso' is assumed.

     -f wsdev     Specify the device to operate on.  Default is /dev/wsfont.

     -h height    Sets the height of a font character in pixels.  Default is

     -N name      Specifies a name which can be used later to refer to the
                  font.  If none is given, the fontfile name is used to create

     -v           Prints the font's properties before loading it.

     -w width     Sets the width of a font character in pixels.  Default is 8.

     Typically, the wsfontload utility will be executed in system startup by
     the /etc/rc.d/wscons script, controlled by the /etc/wscons.conf configu-
     ration file.

     /etc/wscons.conf /usr/share/wscons/fonts

           wsfontload -N myname -h 8 -e ibm /usr/share/wscons/fonts/vt220l.808

     Load the IBM-encoded 88-font from the wscons(4) distribution.  This (or
     another 88-font) is necessary to use the 50-line screen type on vga(4)

           wsfontload -N orator -e ibm /usr/share/wscons/fonts/orator.816
           wsconsctl -dw font=orator

     Load the ``orator'' IBM-encoded 816 font and switch the first console
     screen (ttyE0, wsconsctl's default) to this alternate font.

     wscons(4), wsconscfg(8), wsconsctl(8)

     Many features are missing.

     There is no way to remove a loaded font.

     There is no way to determine which fonts have been loaded.

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