PANEL(3)                NetBSD Library Functions Manual               PANEL(3)

     panel -- z-order for curses windows

     Z-order for curses windows (libpanel, -lpanel)

     #include <panel.h>

     Overlapping curses windows have no notion of z-order, what you see on the
     screen depends on the order of updates.  The panel library is an exten-
     sion built on top of curses(3) that adds z-order to curses windows.

     Each panel has an associated curses window.  All currently visible panels
     form a ``deck''.  Panels have z-order only relative to other panels in
     the deck and to stdscr.  The latter doesn't have a panel of its own but
     implicitly lies below all other panels in the deck.  If you mix plain
     curses windows and panels, the visual results are undefined since the
     panel library is not aware of windows that are not associated with pan-

     Function                Summary
     bottom_panel(3)         move the panel to the bottom of the deck
     del_panel(3)            delete the panel
     hide_panel(3)           hide the panel, removing it from deck
     move_panel(3)           move the panel to a new position on screen
     new_panel(3)            create new panel
     panel_above(3)          a panel above the given panel
     panel_below(3)          a panel below the given panel
     panel_hidden(3)         check if the panel is hidden
     panel_userptr(3)        user data associated with the panel
     panel_window(3)         curses window associated with the panel
     replace_panel(3)        associate a different window with the panel
     set_panel_userptr(3)    associate arbitrary user data with the panel
     show_panel(3)           show hidden panel at the top of the deck
     top_panel(3)            move the panel to the top of the deck
     update_panels(3)        update terminal display


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