PAM_FTPUSERS(8)         NetBSD System Manager's Manual         PAM_FTPUSERS(8)

     pam_ftpusers -- ftpusers PAM module

     [service-name] module-type control-flag pam_ftpusers [options]

     The ftpusers service module for PAM provides functionality for only one
     PAM category: account management.  In terms of the module-type parameter,
     this is the ``account'' feature.

   Ftpusers Account Management Module
     The ftpusers account management component (pam_sm_acct_mgmt()), succeeds
     if and only if the user is listed in /etc/ftpusers.

     The following options may be passed to the authentication module:

     debug     syslog(3) debugging information at LOG_DEBUG level.

     no_warn   suppress warning messages to the user.  These messages include
               reasons why the user's authentication attempt was declined.

     disallow  reverse the semantics; pam_ftpusers will succeed if and only if
               the user is not listed in /etc/ftpusers.

     ftpusers(5), pam.conf(5), ftpd(8), pam(8)

     The pam_ftpusers module and this manual page were developed for the
     FreeBSD Project by ThinkSec AS and NAI Labs, the Security Research Divi-
     sion of Network Associates, Inc. under DARPA/SPAWAR contract
     N66001-01-C-8035 (``CBOSS''), as part of the DARPA CHATS research pro-

     The current version of this module parses an older format of the
     ftpusers(5) file and should not be used.  ftpd(8) will keep using its
     built-in ftpusers(5) parsing code until the parser code in the pam module
     is fixed.

NetBSD 8.1                     February 27, 2005                    NetBSD 8.1

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