INTRO(7)            NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual           INTRO(7)

     intro -- miscellaneous information pages

     This section contains miscellaneous documentation, including:

           ascii(7)         map of ASCII character set

           c(7)             the C programming language

           environ(7)       user environment

           glob(7)          shell-style pattern matching

           hier(7)          file system hierarchy in NetBSD

           hostname(7)      host name resolution description

           mailaddr(7)      mail addressing description

           mdoc(7)          macros for typesetting -mdoc style manual pages

           mdoc.samples(7)  tutorial for writing BSD manuals with -mdoc

           module(7)        kernel modules

           nls(7)           overview of national language support

           operator(7)      C operator precedence and order of evaluation

           orders(7)        orders of magnitude

           pkgsrc(7)        the NetBSD packages collection

           release(7)       layout of NetBSD releases and snapshots

           rfc6056(7)       udp port randomization algorithms

           script(7)        how interpreter scripts are executed

           security(7)      security features available in NetBSD

           setuid(7)        checklist for security and setuid programs

           signal(7)        available signals under NetBSD

           sticky(7)        sticky bit (S_ISVTX) handling

           symlink(7)       symbolic link handling

           sysctl(7)        system information variables in NetBSD

           tests(7)         NetBSD test suite

     The intro(7) manual page appeared in 4.2BSD.

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