GSIP(4)                 NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                GSIP(4)

     gsip -- National Semiconductor DP83820 Gigabit Ethernet driver

     gsip* at pci? dev ? function ?

     Configuration of PHYs may also be necessary.  See mii(4).

     The gsip device driver supports Gigabit Ethernet interfaces based on the
     National Semiconductor DP83820 Gigabit Ethernet chips.

     The National Semiconductor DP83820 is found on NetGear GA-622, Asante
     FriendlyNet GigaNIX, D-Link DGE-500T, SMC 9452TX and 9462TX, Accton
     EN1407-T, Planex GN-1000TE, ARK SOHO GA2000T and GA2500T, and other low-
     cost Gigabit Ethernet cards.  It uses an external PHY or an external
     10-bit interface.

     The DP83820 supports VLAN tag insertion/removal in hardware.  The gsip
     driver supports this feature of the chip.

     The DP83820 supports IPv4/TCP/UDP checksumming in hardware.  The gsip
     driver supports this feature of the chip.  See ifconfig(8) for informa-
     tion on how to enable this feature.

     The DP83820 chip is a close relative of the DP83815 10/100 Ethernet chip,
     which is supported by the sip(4) driver, hence the gsip name.

     arp(4), ifmedia(4), mii(4), netintro(4), pci(4), vlan(4), ifconfig(8)

     The gsip driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.6.

     The gsip driver was written by Jason R. Thorpe <>.

     The gsip driver does not support the 10-bit interface, which is required
     in order to support fiber-optic media.

NetBSD 5.1                       June 2, 2001                       NetBSD 5.1

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