FSIRAND(8)              NetBSD System Manager's Manual              FSIRAND(8)

fsirand -- install random inode generation numbers in a filesystem
fsirand [-F] [-p] [-x constant] special
fsirand writes random inode generation numbers for all the inodes on device special. These random numbers make the NFS filehandles less pre- dictable, increasing security of exported filesystems. fsirand should be run on a clean and unmounted filesystem. The options are as follows: -F Indicates that special is a file system image, rather than a device name. special will be accessed `as-is', without requiring that it is a raw character device and without attempting to read a disklabel. -p Print the current inode generation numbers; the filesystem is not modified. -x constant Exclusive-or the given constant with the random number used in the generation process. fsirand exits zero on success, non-zero on failure. If fsirand receives a SIGINFO signal, statistics on the amount of work completed and estimated completion time (in minutes:seconds) will be written to the standard error output.
fsck_ffs(8), newfs(8) NetBSD 5.0 November 16, 2001 NetBSD 5.0

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