FDC(4)                NetBSD/x86 Kernel Interfaces Manual               FDC(4)

     fdc -- NEC 765 floppy disk controller driver

     fdc0 at isa? port 0x3f0 irq 6 drq 2
     fdc* at acpi?
     fdc* at pnpbios? index ?
     fd*  at fdc? drive ?

     The fdc driver provides support for the NEC 765 floppy disk controller
     and floppy disk drives, commonly found on IBM-PC compatible systems.

     The driver supports the following floppy diskette formats by using par-
     ticular partitions:
           1.44MB 3.5-inch (b)
           1.2MB  5.25-inch (c)
           360KB  5.25-inch (1.2MB drive) (d)
           360KB  5.25-inch (IBM-PC drive) (e)
           720KB  3.5-inch (f)
           720KB  5.25-inch (g)
           360KB  3.5-inch (h)
     Partition a selects the default format for the attached floppy drive, as
     determined by the BIOS configuration for the diskette drive.

     The driver supports floppy disk formatting using the interfaces in
     FDIOCGETFORMAT struct fdformat_parms
                        Fetch current formatting parameters.  This gets the
                        default parameters for the open device if no parame-
                        ters have been set during the session.
     FDIOCSETFORMAT struct fdformat_parms
                        Set formatting parameters.  The driver saves this
                        state and it persists while the device is open.
     FDIOCFORMAT_TRACK struct fdformat_cmd
                        Format a track on the medium.  If this call returns
                        EINVAL, the track formatting parameters were out of
                        range for the medium.  If it returns EIO, there was a
                        medium error while formatting the track.
     FDIOCSETOPTS int   Set driver options which persist until the device is
                        closed.  The options should be the logical OR of the
                        desired values below:
                        FDOPT_NORETRY  Do not retry operations on failure
                        FDOPT_SILENT   Do not print error messages to the con-
     FDIOCGETOPTS int   Fetch drive options.

     A typical use of the formatting facilities would be to open the device,
     call FDIOCGETFORMAT to fetch the current format parameters, perhaps
     change a parameter or two, display the formatting details to the user,
     and then call FDIOCSETFORMAT followed by a series of calls to

     fdformat(1), acpi(4), isa(4), pnpbios(4)

     The fdc formatting support appeared in NetBSD 1.3.

NetBSD 8.1                    September 23, 2011                    NetBSD 8.1

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