EX(4)                     NetBSD Programmer's Manual                     EX(4)

     ex - driver for 3Com Fast EtherLink XL (3c900, 3c905, 3c980) and similar
     PCI bus and cardbus Ethernet interfaces

     ex* at cardbus? dev ? function ?
     ex* at pci? dev ? function ?

     3Com Ethernet and Fast Ethernet cards supported by the ex driver include:

     3c450-TX 10/100 Ethernet
     3c555 MiniPCI 10/100 Ethernet
     3c556 MiniPCI 10/100 Ethernet
     3c556B MiniPCI 10/100 Ethernet
     3c575-TX Ethernet
     3c575B-TX Ethernet
     3c575CT Ethernet
     3c900-TPO Ethernet
     3c900-COMBO Ethernet
     3c900B-TPC Ethernet
     3c900B-TPO Ethernet
     3c900B-COMBO Ethernet
     3c905-T4 10/100 Ethernet
     3c905-TX 10/100 Ethernet
     3c905B-COMBO 10/100 Ethernet
     3c905B-FX 10/100 Ethernet
     3c905B-T4 10/100 Ethernet
     3c905B-TX 10/100 Ethernet
     3c980 Server Adapter 10/100 Ethernet
     3c980C-TXM 10/100 Ethernet
     3cSOHO100-TX 10/100 Ethernet

     All versions of the Etherlink XL (except the older 3c900 and 3c905) sup-
     port IPv4/TCP/UDP checksumming in hardware.  The ex driver supports this
     feature of the chip.  See ifconfig(8) for information on how to enable
     this feature.

     See ifmedia(4).

     %s: adapter failure (%x)
     %s: can't allocate download descriptors, error = %d
     %s: can't allocate or map rx buffers
     %s: can't allocate upload descriptors, error = %d
     %s: can't create download desc. DMA map, error = %d
     %s: can't create rx DMA map %d, error = %d
     %s: can't create tx DMA map %d, error = %d
     %s: can't create upload desc. DMA map, error = %d
     %s: can't load download desc. DMA map, error = %d
     %s: can't load mbuf chain, error = %d
     %s: can't load rx buffer, error = %d
     %s: can't load upload desc. DMA map, error = %d
     %s: can't map download descriptors, error = %d
     %s: can't map upload descriptors, error = %d
     %s: fifo underrun (%x) @%d
     %s: jabber (%x)
     %s: receive stalled
     %s: too many segments,
     %s: uplistptr was 0  host to slow to serve incoming packets

     cardbus(4), exphy(4), ifmedia(4), intro(4), pci(4), ifconfig(8)


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