BINTIME_ADD(9)         NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual         BINTIME_ADD(9)

bintime_add -- operations on ``bintime''
#include <sys/time.h> vid bintime_add(struct bintime *bt, const struct bintime *bt2); void bintime_addx(struct bintime *bt, uint64_t x); void bintime_sub(struct bintime *bt, const struct bintime *bt2); void bintime2timespec(const struct bintime *bt, struct timespec *ts); void timespec2bintime(const struct timespec *ts, struct bintime *bt); void bintime2timeval(const struct bintime *bt, struct timeval *tv); void timeval2bintime(const struct timeval *tv, struct bintime *bt);
These functions are provided for convenience as part of the machine-inde- pendent timecounter(9) framework. All of them operate with the bintime structure. The function bintime_add() adds the time information stored in bt2 to bt. Conversely, bintime_sub() subtracts bt2 from bt. The bintime_addx() function stores the fraction of a second x to bt. Like the function names bespeak, bintime2timespec() converts the bintime structure to struct timespec and timespec2bintime() does the opposite. The functions bintime2timeval() and timeval2bintime() operate with struct timeval instead. The result is stored to the right-hand side.
timeradd(3), timeval(3), bintime(9), timecounter(9) NetBSD 8.1 June 8, 2010 NetBSD 8.1

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