ATF-COMPILE(1)          NetBSD General Commands Manual          ATF-COMPILE(1)

atf-compile -- generates POSIX shell test programs
atf-compile -o out-file src1 [.. srcN] atf-compile -h
atf-compile generates a POSIX shell program based on a set of input files that implement test cases in this language. All the given source files are concatenated in order, and the tool prepends and appends to the results the necessary boilerplate to implement a test program directly runnable by the user. In the first synopsis form, atf-compile will generate the out-file test program by adding the source files to it as well as all the necessary helper code to turn it into an executable. In the second synopsis form, atf-compile will print information about all supported options and their purpose. The following options are available: -h Shows a short summary of all available options and their purpose. -o out-file Specifies the file to which the results will be written.
atf(7) NetBSD 5.0_RC4 October 5, 2007 NetBSD 5.0_RC4

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