AC97(4)                 NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                AC97(4)

     ac97 -- generic AC97 codec driver

     AC97 codecs contain the analog-to-digital (A/D), digital-to-analog (D/A),
     and mixing circuitry of many modern sound cards.  AC97 codecs, for the
     most part, do not talk to host busses like the PCI bus directly.
     Instead, they communicate through an interface chip, called the host con-
     troller.  The Ensoniq AudioPCI 97 (see eap(4)) is an example of such a
     host controller.

     Unlike many drivers, the ac97 driver does not appear in the configuration
     file.  Instead, the driver is automatically attached by the drivers that
     require it.

     auacer(4), auich(4), auixp(4), autri(4), auvia(4), clcs(4), clct(4),
     eap(4), emuxki(4), esa(4), esm(4), fms(4), neo(4), yds(4)

     The ac97 driver does not keep track of the current user settings and
     instead relies on the hardware to do this.

     The ac97 driver could do more to detect mixer channels that don't work
     and cull them from the list.

NetBSD 8.1                      October 7, 1999                     NetBSD 8.1

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