INTRO(4)             NetBSD/amiga Kernel Interfaces Manual            INTRO(4)

     intro -- introduction to amiga special files and hardware support

     This section describes the special files, related driver functions, and
     networking support available in the system.  In this part of the manual,
     the SYNOPSIS section of each configurable device gives a sample specifi-
     cation for use in constructing a system description for the config(1)
     program.  The DIAGNOSTICS section lists messages which may appear on the
     console and/or in the system error log /var/log/messages due to errors in
     device operation; see syslogd(8) for more information.

     This section contains both devices which may be configured into the sys-
     tem and network related information.  The networking support is intro-
     duced in netintro(4).

     This section describes the hardware supported on the Amiga.  Software
     support for these devices comes in two forms.  A hardware device may be
     supported with a character or block device driver, or it may be used
     within the networking subsystem and have a network interface driver.
     Block and character devices are accessed through files in the file system
     of a special type; see mknod(8).  Network interfaces are indirectly
     accessed through the interprocess communication facilities provided by
     the system; see socket(2).

     A hardware device is identified to the system at configuration time and
     the appropriate device or network interface driver is then compiled into
     the system.  When the resultant system is booted, the autoconfiguration
     facilities in the system probe for the device and, if found, enable the
     software support for it.  If a device does not respond at autoconfigura-
     tion time it is not accessible at any time afterwards.  To enable a
     device which did not autoconfigure, the system will have to be rebooted.

     The autoconfiguration system is described in amiga/autoconf(4).  A list
     of the supported devices is given below.

     config(1), amiga/autoconf(4)

     The Amiga intro man page first appeared in NetBSD 1.1

     The devices listed below are supported in this incarnation of the system.
     Devices are indicated by their functional interface.  Not all supported
     devices are listed.
           afsc     A4091 low level SCSI adapter interface
           ahsc     A3000 low level SCSI adapter interface
           atzsc    A2091 low level SCSI adapter interface
           ed       DP8390-based Ethernet interface
           es       SMC91C90-based Ethernet interface
           fdc      Floppy disk controller device
           fd       Floppy disk device
           grf      frame buffer for Custom Chips and graphics cards
           grfcl    color graphics driver for GVP Spectrum/Picasso II, II+ and
                    IV/Piccolo/Piccolo SD64 cards
           grfcv    color graphics driver for the Cybervision 64
           grfcv3d  color graphics driver for the Cybervision 64/3D
           grfet    color graphics driver for Domino/Domino16M
                    proto/oMniBus/Merlin cards
           grful    color graphics driver for the A2410
           grfrh    color graphics driver for Retina BLT Z3 and Altais cards
           grfrt    color graphics driver for the Retina Z2
           gtsc     GVP low level SCSI adapter interface
           gvpbus   GVP custom bus
           kbd      Amiga Keyboard device
           kmem     kernel virtual memory
           ite      Amiga Internal Terminal Emulator
           ivsc     IVS low level SCSI adapter interface
           le       AMD 7990 and AMD 79C960 Lance-based Ethernet interface
           mem      physical memory
           mfcs     MultiFaceCard II/II serial interface
           mgnsc    Magnum 40 low level SCSI adapter interface
           otgsc    12 Gauge low level SCSI adapter interface
           par      8520 built-in parallel interface
           ser      8520 built-in serial interface
           wesc     Warp Engine low level SCSI adapter interface
           wstsc    Wordsync II low level SCSI adapter interface
           zssc     Zeus low level SCSI adapter interface
           zbus     Amiga Zorro II/III bus

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