ESHCONFIG(8)            NetBSD System Manager's Manual            ESHCONFIG(8)

     eshconfig -- configure Essential Communications' HIPPI network interface

     eshconfig [-estx] [-b bytes] [-c bytes] [-d filename] [-i usecs]
               [-m bytes] [-r bytes] [-u filename] [-w bytes] [interface]

     eshconfig is used to configure device-specific parameters and download
     new firmware to the Essential Communications RoadRunner-based HIPPI net-
     work interface.  The interface is very sensitive to the DMA performance
     characteristics of the host, and so requires careful tuning to achieve
     reasonable performance.  In addition, firmware is likely to change fre-
     quently, which necessitates a reasonably easy way to update that

     Available operands for eshconfig:

     -b bytes
             Adjust the burst size for read (by NIC of host memory) DMA.

     -c bytes
             Adjust the burst size for write (by NIC of host memory) DMA.

     -d filename
             Filename for file to download into NIC firmware.  This must be a
             file in the standard Essential format, with :04 preceding every
             line, and a tag line at the end indicating the characteristics of
             the firmware file.

     -e      Write data to EEPROM.  Normally, setting tuning parameters will
             only persist until the system is rebooted.  Setting this parame-
             ter ensures that the changes will be written to EEPROM.

     -i usecs
             Interrupt delay in microseconds.

     -m bytes
             Minimum number of bytes to DMA in one direction (read or write)
             before allowing a DMA in the other direction.  Tuning this pre-
             vents one direction from dominating the flow of bytes, and arti-
             ficially throttling the NIC.

     -r bytes
             Bytes before DMA starts for read (from host to NIC).  This con-
             trols how soon the DMA is triggered;  until this many bytes are
             requested, the DMA will not begin.

     -s      Show statistics for the HIPPI NIC.  Repeat the option to suppress
             non-zero statistics.

     -t      Show current tuning parameters on the host.

     -u filename
             Name of file to which the NIC firmware should be uploaded.  Not
             currently supported.

     -w bytes
             Number of bytes required before write (from NIC to host) DMA is
             started.  Until this many bytes are ready to be written, the DMA
             will not start.

     -x      Reset the NIC.  This is necessary for the HIPPI-FP support, as
             ifconfig(8) will no longer physically reset the NIC when the
             interfaces goes up and down.

     Only the super-user may modify the configuration of a network interface.

     Messages indicating the specified interface does not exist or the user is
     not privileged and tried to alter an interface's configuration.

     esh(4), ifconfig(8)

     The eshconfig command first appeared in NetBSD 1.4.

NetBSD 6.0                       June 17, 2005                      NetBSD 6.0

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