BTATTACH(8)             NetBSD System Manager's Manual             BTATTACH(8)

     btattach -- attach serial lines as Bluetooth HCI interfaces

     btattach [-dfop] [-i speed] [type] tty speed

     btattach is used to assign a tty line to a Bluetooth Host Controller
     Interface using the btuart(4) or bcsp(4) line disciplines, and can
     optionally initialize the line for a given device type before activating
     the line discipline.

     Supported types are:

           bcm2035     Broadcom BCM2035
           bcsp        Generic BCSP (BlueCore Serial Protocol)
           bgb2xx      Philips BGB2xx module
           btuart      Generic UART (this is the default)
           csr         Cambridge Silicon Radio Casira serial adaptor, or
                       Brainboxes serial dongle (BL642)
           ericsson    Ericsson based modules
           digi        Digianswer based cards
           st          ST Microelectronics minikits based on STLC2410/STLC2415
           stlc2500    ST Microelectronics minikits based on STLC2500
           swave       Silicon Wave kits
           texas       Texas Instruments modules

     When the line discipline is activated, btattach detaches and sleeps until
     it receives a SIGHUP.

     The command line options are as follows:

     -d        debug mode.  print initialization IO and do not detach.

     -f        Enable flow control.

     -i speed  Specify an alternate speed for the Bluetooth module to use dur-
               ing the initialization phase.

     -o        Enable odd parity.

     -p        Enable parity (even parity).

     Only the super-user may attach a Bluetooth HCI interface.


     bcsp(4), bluetooth(4), btuart(4), btconfig(8)

     Not all type initializations have been tested.

     The btattach program was written with reference to hciattach(8) as pro-
     vided with the BlueZ tools for Linux and first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.

     KIYOHARA Takashi <>
     Iain Hibbert

NetBSD 5.0.1                    March 27, 2008                    NetBSD 5.0.1

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