BINSTALL(8)          NetBSD/sparc System Manager's Manual          BINSTALL(8)

     /usr/mdec/binstall -- install sparc and sparc64 boot blocks

     /usr/mdec/binstall [-htUuv] [-b bootprog] [-f filesystem] [-m mdec]
                        [-i installbootprog] [``net'' | ``ffs''] [directory]

     The /usr/mdec/binstall program prepares a sparc or sparc64 system for
     booting, either from local disk from a ``ffs'' partition or over the net-
     work.  The default type of boot block installed is derived from the host
     system.  If it is an UltraSPARC, the sparc64 boot blocks will be used,
     otherwise the SPARC boot blocks will be used.  /usr/mdec/binstall can be
     forced to prepare a disk for either.

     The following options are available:

     -b      Set the second stage boot program to bootprog.  This will typi-
             cally be for sparc systems and for sparc64

     -f      Set the path to the filesystem being installed for to filesystem.
             This is otherwise derived from the [directory].

     -h      Display help.

     -i      Set the path to the installboot(8) program to installbootprog.
             This is useful for using /usr/mdec/binstall on non-sparc or
             sparc64 systems.

     -m      Sets the path to the machine dependent directory to mdec.  This
             is the directory that both the boot blocks and the installboot(8)
             program live.

     -t      Test mode; does not run any program.  Implies the -v option.

     -U      Install sparc (SPARC) boot blocks.

     -u      Install sparc64 (UltraSPARC) boot blocks.

     -v      Be verbose.

     disklabel(8), installboot(8)

NetBSD 8.0                      January 6, 2002                     NetBSD 8.0

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