AUTOCONF(4)          NetBSD/amiga Kernel Interfaces Manual         AUTOCONF(4)

     autoconf -- diagnostics from the autoconfiguration code

     When NetBSD bootstraps it probes the innards of the machine on which it
     is running and locates controllers, drives, and other devices, printing
     out what it finds on the console.  This procedure is driven by a system
     configuration table which is processed by config(1) and compiled into
     each kernel.  Devices which exist in the machine but are not configured
     into the kernel are not detected.

     CPU class not configured.  You tried to boot NetBSD on a class of CPU
     type which it doesn't (or at least this compiled version of NetBSD
     doesn't) understand.

     %s at mainbus0.  An Amiga internal device `%s' was configured

     not configured.  If this line follows the `fd0 at fdc0' configuration
     line, this diagnostic indicates that a second floppy drive was detected,
     but was not configured into the kernel.

     zbus0 at mainbus0 [mem 0x%x-0x%x].  The kernel is configuring AutoConfig-
     ured expansion boards.  If any Zorro II memory was detected, the virtual
     address of the space reserved for DMA bounce buffers is printed.

     %s at zbus0: pa 0x%x man/prod %d/%d.  A Zorro expansion board was config-
     ured.  `pa 0x%0x' is the physical address the board was configured at.
     `Man/prod %d/%d' is the manufacturer/product codes.

     %s at zbus0: pa 0x%x man/prod %d/%d not configured.  A Zorro expansion
     board located at `pa 0x%0x' with a manufacturer/product code `%d/%d' was
     found that is not configured into the kernel.

     config(1), amiga/intro(4), boot(8)

NetBSD 8.0                     February 17, 2017                    NetBSD 8.0

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