MAKEDEV.LOCAL(8)        NetBSD System Manager's Manual        MAKEDEV.LOCAL(8)

     MAKEDEV.local -- create site-specific device special files

     MAKEDEV.local [-fMs] [-m mknod] [-p pax] [-t mtree] {all |
                   site-specific-argument} [...]

     MAKEDEV.local is used to create site-specific device special files.  Each
     argument may be the word all or a site-specific argument.  By default,
     there are no valid site-specific arguments, and the all argument has no
     effect; This may be changed by editing the script.

     The script is in /dev/MAKEDEV.local.  Devices are created in the current
     working directory; in normal use, MAKEDEV.local should be invoked with
     /dev as the current working directory.

     Supported options for MAKEDEV.local are the same as for MAKEDEV(8).

     /dev                special device files directory
     /dev/MAKEDEV        script that invokes MAKEDEV.local with the all argu-
     /dev/MAKEDEV.local  script described in this man page

     config(1), intro(4), MAKEDEV(8), mknod(8)

     The MAKEDEV.local command appeared in 4.2BSD.  Handling of the same com-
     mand line options as MAKEDEV(8), and the use of MAKEDEV(8) as a function
     library, was added in NetBSD 5.0.

     The relationship between MAKEDEV.local and MAKEDEV(8) is complex:

     +   If MAKEDEV(8) is invoked with the all or local argument, then it will
         invoke MAKEDEV.local as a child process, with options similar to
         those that were originally passed to MAKEDEV(8), and with the all

     +   MAKEDEV.local uses shell functions defined in MAKEDEV(8).  This is
         done by loading MAKEDEV(8) using the shell ``.'' command, with the
         MAKEDEV_AS_LIBRARY variable set (to inform MAKEDEV(8) that it should
         behave as a function library, not as an independent program).

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